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Our community is built on the foundation of the word of God, prayer, consecration and realignment of one’s life to the ultimate purpose of God. We create an environment for people to think, to dream, to discover and refine their individual God-given callings and gifts, to build others up and to develop themselves fully to fullness of the stature of christ.


Worship Service.

Sundays at 11am

Mid-Week Prayer Meeting
Tuesdays at 9pm


Sunday Worship Service

Blackbox Theater

(AFA Building Rm 103 NVCC Alexandria Campus)
3301 Netherton Drive, Alexandria VA 22311

C4 Revolution

Our mission statement can be summed up in 4 C’s:

Creativity | Engaging our community:

Inspirational messages, incredible worship and insightful teachings that will amp up your life and reignite your passion to seek the Lord, desire His word and cultivate the Divine presence for a victorious Christian living.


Church | Establishing believers in the word of God:

Be empowered to follow Christ, be trained in His Word, grow to maturity and learn to replicate Christ in others through healthy relationships centered on God’s values and organized on the bedrock of integrity.


Culture | Equipping believers to minister:

We represent a myriad of professions and spheres of life. We explore how each vocation reflects God’s character and extends His Kingdom. As a community, we seek to grow in the understanding of God’s purpose for our lives and how our faith can be relevant in our everyday life.


Community | Empowered to impact the world:

We create an environment for believers to think, to dream, to discover and refine their individual talents and God-given gifts, to build others up and to develop themselves fully for deployment into the harvest field.

A church that is spiritually vibrant, tech savvy and contemporary, a church where the word of God is esteemed above all, where millennials are put on the offensive (not merely pandering to the spirit of the age or offering some sanctified equivalent) but building people to be spiritually vibrant, socially relevant and skillfully competent, that’s our vision.


Our message focuses on the reality of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom Concept. The Kingdom Concept is a term referring to the God’s present reign or influence in the lives of His people characterized by the dynamic life in Christ, through the power of the new birth, showing itself in a humble life, dedicated to the King and His Kingdom in genuine power of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the acceptable year of the Lord when Liberty is proclaimed to the captives of sin, sickness, death, poverty and satan through the atonement of Christ. It is the dispensation when the atonement of Christ is fully embraced, the sick, the sinful, helpless and needy are restored health, holiness, prosperity, power and full dominion over satan and membership and communion in God’s community.

We envision a countercultural movement of people from all race united by the passionate commitment to reclaim the Apostolic Mandate, influence popular culture, to be culturally relevant yet doctrinally sound to influence society!Philip Jedidiah, Lead Pastor.


About KLCC

History & Value

Brief From Church History

With a passion and zeal for the lost and hurting world, our church is looking for ways to build bridges to a cynical and jaded society. We aim to take a different approach in reaching out and helping people along the journey. We stress spiritual vibrancy, social relevancy and skillful competency. We utilize all medias and means to communicate the message of Christ's kingdom. We like to refer to our members as Change Agents, people who want to express the Kingdom Culture in their sphere of contact. Every person is called to transform society whether you are a CEO, housewife, manager or church leader; you have a circle of influence in which God has called you to be a change agent in culture.

Our Core Values

We submit unquestionably to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, pursuing what He wants us to do not what we want to be done. Kingdom faith does not remove us from hardship; it preserves and protects us through hardship. It is a call to rise to challenges, overcome obstacles and triumph over hardships to serve at the cost of our lives. Relationships play an important role in forming and maintaining our beliefs. We are a social organism more than we are an organization; our organizational structure is formed and sustained by an overlapping network of relationships. Our movement would spread, rather, through the efforts of ordinary people who inspire and equip their social network.